Time-telling Messenger Bag

Category: Fashion | School: Concordia International School Shanghai | Shanghai, China | Closes in about 7 years

Fundraising goal $5,000

Total raised so far $40

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Forgot your watch? Phone's out of battery? Fear not; you've still got your bag! Although ordinary at first sight, it contains one of the most essential components of everyday life: a way to tell time. This compact, unisex messenger bag contains an LED digital clock embedded in the surface below its flap. All necessary items for city-wide travel and everyday occasions can fit in the bag, including a wallet, iPod, phone, small notebooks, pens, and even an iPad mini. When it comes to imagination, the sky is the limit; thus, the rest of the bag is unmarked for one to express their artistry and creativity.

Project description

This production is not only completely original, but also downright available for practical purposes. One can carry his/her possessions in this unisex messenger bag and check the time periodically. This way, appointments can be made on time even when a conventional watch device is misplaced. This bag is designed for your convenience and can be artfully personalized through ornamentations. This messenger bag has one zipper pouch located near the bottom center below the flap and is where the LED digital clock is embedded. The zipper pouch allows there to be an external space where the clock is located (so that it can avoid an internal obstruction) and can also ensure adjustments to the clock settings. The rest of the bag is without zippers. The bag is roughly 20 centimeters in width and 22 centimeters in height. The material is sturdy, and the bag is meant to be carried across the body or on one shoulder depending on personal preference.


$10: My sincere gratitude + a handwritten and signed thank-you note.
$20: A handmade paper box filled with an assortment of chocolate + a handwritten and signed thank-you note.
$40: One Time-telling Messenger Bag + a handwritten and signed thank-you note.
$60+: One Time-telling Messenger Bag with a set of permanent fabric markers to design your own decorations + a handwritten and signed thank-you note.

Risks and Challenges

This project is completely safe; all details have been thoroughly discussed with Bertie's recommended manufacturing company. However, there is a MOQ (minimum order quantity) that must be reached for each of the materials; thus, in order to accomplish my goal, I must sell at least 200 bags. I believe that this is an attainable objective and encourage my lovely peers to help in this process.


Q: Why is the fundraising goal so high?
A: The fundraising goal is high due to certain materials having a minimum order quantity of 200, but is worth the investment. Every dollar counts and will be appreciated.

Q: What happens to the digital clock when it starts raining?
A: The digital clock is protected by the flap above it, so if it starts raining, there is a layer of fabric it must penetrate before even reaching the clock. However, although the clock will not malfunction upon contact, direct interaction with water is discouraged.

Q: What is the squiggly tree image?
A: The squiggly tree image is my signature, which is small and printed on the bottom right hand corner of the flap to distinguish the production.

Q: How graphic is the bag?
A: The fun part about the bag is that each individual can personalize the bag and add his/her own creative spark, which makes it distinguished and unique. The decorations are completely up to the individual! The bag is made in one color, and other than the signature, there is no print present on the fabric.