Zombie Defense Solutions- 3 Day Candy Survival Kit

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You are in a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies . A medical experiment gone wrong has ravaged the world. You’ve exhausted your resources. You have no food, no ammunition, and no medicine. Outside the building you have hidden in, a growing hoard of zombies are overcoming your defenses. What do you do?
You could have completely avoided this situation with Zombie Defense Solutions: 3-Day Candy Survival Kit. We don't want to beat around the bush with this one, as we know that some of you purchasing this have probably waited far too long and are now trying to desperately increase your chances of survival. For the rest of the people, oh well, your foresight is commendable and will likely serve you well in the future. Regardless of how hopeless your position is in this impending zombie apocalypse, we, at Zombie Defense Solutions, are here to help you.

Project description

The Zombie Defense Solutions: Three Day Candy Survival Kit will provide one person with enough food, water, medicine, and ammunition to last up to three days.

The survival kit itself, will come in a small, easily movable box and will not impede your movement when running away from potential zombie hoards.

The kit will include:

1) One Power-up Bar (Popcorn)- This power up bar will keep you energized in your zombie infested journey.

2) One Packet of Water Purification Tablets (Mentos)- Water is very important and it won't be easy to find a constant supply of clean water. These water purification tablets can make clean drinking water out of any liquid. Just don't mix it with Coca-Cola!

3) One First Aid Kit (Hershey's Chocolate Bar)- In the event you become injured in your race to survival, you will not have to slow down and find the doctor. After all chocolate is the best medicine. Or is it laughter?

4) Two Rolls of Zombie Defense Serum (Smarties) - When you inevitably come into close contact with a zombie hoard, the Zombie Defense Serum will make you undesirable to zombies. In short, it will make them think you aren't a tasty snack!

5) Virus Weakening Pills (TicTacs)- These virus weakening pills, will help you remain immune to the virus that started the zombie infliction in the first place!

6) Slingshot or Water Gun- In this post apocalyptic world, you may encounter trouble on the way. It would do you good to have a little weaponry to defend yourself and this kit provides some for you.

7) Two Rounds of Ammunition (8 tootsie rolls)- If you have a weapon, you are going to need to reload. Zombie Defense Solutions will provide you with two rounds of special zombie attack ammunition. Use it carefully!

The supplies stored in the Zombie Defense Solutions- 3 Day Candy Survival Kit should give you the apocalyptic edge on your zombie competition. Use it carefully!


Level 1- A donation of 10 dollars or less - We will thank you for your contribution and email a pamphlet with tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Level 2- A donation of 10 plus dollars - You will receive a complimentary poster containing information on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Level 3- A donation of 20 to 30 dollars will get you your own Zombie Defense Solutions- 3 Day Candy Survival Kit.

Level 4- A donation of 30 dollars or more will get you your own Zombie Defense Solutions- 3 Day Candy Survival Kit complimentary poster containing information on how to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

Risks and Challenges

1) The cost of American candy in China. American candy can be quite expensive in Shanghai.

2) Potential restocking issues. Candy can only be brought back when some one returns to the US.


1) Can I choose whether I get a slingshot or a water gun?
Yes, at the time of ordering you must specify preference.

2) Is there more than one color and box size?
There are two colors and sizes. One is a smaller black box and the other is larger grey box.

3) How much does it cost?
Each Zombie Defense Solutions- 3 Day Candy Survival Kit and Poster cost 100 RMB.

4) When will I receive my Zombie Defense Solutions- 3 Day Candy Survival Kit?
In 5-7 business days.