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Wish you could relive the moment? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Why not have six of them? All About You Trading Cards allows any participant in a co-curricular activity to have a permanent memory of that event. With these trading cards any budding scholar, athlete, performer, or artist will now have their own set of cards with their statistics and information on it. These cards will provide people with something to remember their clubs and activities in a fun creative way for those who participate in the next school year.

Project description

The All About You Trading Cards come in packs of six. Each card will have your picture, activity or sport you have participated in, mini biography, and statistics relevant to the activity you have participated in.



For a donation of five dollars or more you get your own set of personalized trading cards.

Risks and Challenges

1) Due to mass participation in after school activities, it might be difficult to get required information in a timely manner.

2) It might be difficult to get specific statistics unless a manager or a coach records them down specifically, especially if they are in the middle of a season.

3) Everyone would need to take an individual picture for the card. Time could be a factor and it might take up practice time for everyone to take their own picture.


1) What if I’m not on a sports team?
Do not worry if you are not on a sport’s team. The cards can be tailored to any co-curricular activity, including but not limited to honor societies, fine arts, and MUN.

2) How many cards will I get?
One set of six.

3) Can I get more than one set for different activities?
Yes, you can get a package of six cards for each activity you participate in.

4) How much does it cost?
The price is 30 RMB per pack of personalized cards.

5) When will I receive my cards?
Five to seven business days.