Concordia Academic Camps

School: Concordia International School Shanghai | Shanghai, China | Closes in over 7 years

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The Concordia Academic Camps organization is a non-profit group run by high school students to help prepare incoming freshmen for the academic rigors of high school. The ultimate goal of Concordia Academic Camps is to share those tools, strategies, and core concepts, which comprise the principle of ‘learning to learn’, part of preparing students for success in academics and beyond.

Project description

This isn't a conventional idea for a project. It doesn't fit under any of the categories within the category section (ironically enough) and there's a good reason for that. This is a campaign for education – specifically having upperclassmen teach incoming 8th graders about high school. Concordia Academic Camps (CAC) seeks to ease the academic transition between middle and high schools, a process that can be both tenuous and demanding on unprepared students.

Our community is endowed with unique qualities, the most valuable of which exist by virtue of the students – closeness and support between peers, mutual appreciation of both strengths and weaknesses, and common value of, and appreciation for, learning. These qualities are precisely those that we intend to stress by our voluntary initiation of this project.

With this fundraising campaign, I hope to acquire the proper funds to build a solid foundation for CAC and its future camp sessions. This includes, but not limited to, buying textbooks, designing shirts, buying software and renting space for teaching.


If CAC ends up designing merchandise, we will send a complimentary gift (a mug or shirt) as a token of our thanks!

All sponsors will have their names (or the names of their companies if preferred) printed on the next edition of pamphlets that will be distributed.


How will funding an organization rather than a concrete/tangible project be of benefit?
With your funds, you will fuel an idea. Sure, it won't be spent towards creating a product, but you'll be helping a generation of students come into high school with the right mind set and preparation. Your money will help these children succeed in whichever field they set their eyes upon.