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Category: Music | School: Concordia International School Shanghai | Shanghai, China | Closes in over 7 years

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Our goal is to create a music CD for the choir at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, located in Jinqiao, Pudong.

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Project description

Sacred Heart of Jesus is a vibrant community of Catholics living in the Jinqiao area of Shanghai. We actively pursue our Catholic faith and worship God through weekly mass participation, volunteer work with various charities, religious classes for first communion, catechism and confirmation, and activities with the other international Catholic parishes in Shanghai.

And we LOVE to sing! Our choir is filled with talented musicians who can play almost any instrument, with singers and soloists who can sing in SAT-B or Karoake, and with people who worship God through our voices. Two years ago, we produced a very popular music CD of our choir.

This project kickstarts our campaign to raise money for our 2nd music CD. The money raised will help cover our music production costs (via our good friends at Bandzstudio) and CD production costs.

The link below is a sample of a song from our 2012 Music CD, entitled "The Prayer". Hope you enjoy it!


We are asking for a minimum contribution of RMB 60 or US$10 to help us start the CD project. Everyone who contributes at least the minimum will get a copy of our CD when it finishes production. The initial run will be about 200 CDs.

All proceeds from CD sales will go to Catholic charities in Shanghai.

Risks and Challenges

Risk: We don't raise enough money for our production costs. If we can't get enough money for producing the music CD, then it is difficult for us to proceed.

However, once the money is raised, we believe we'll have enough support from the choir to produce the CD quickly. We intend to finish the CD before end of June, 2014


1. What type of music will you produce?
Answer #1: The CD will be a combination of religious and secular music.

2. How can I get a copy of the CD?
Answer #2: Contribute to this Bertandme campaign, or also stop by our church any Saturday at 5:00PM or Sunday at 10:30AM. If we have copies of CD #1 or #2, we can sell them to you!

3. Your music really sounds great!
Answer #3: Thanks!