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I have had a children's book in my mind since I started teaching. I would like to see this book, a bedtime story about the lifecycle of stars, become a reality. I have written the book, and tested it on young children, and received a good response. I also have someone who is interested in illustrating the book for me. However, I have yet to take the next step to put together the required elements to actually get the book published and in the hands of families within the community. With a little help, I think this could become a reality.

Project description

Twinkle Twinkle is about the life cycle of a star like the sun. Kids look up at the stars, but many students know little about them. This book is an opportunity to introduce young kids to science in a fun way. Parents can read the books to their kids before bedtime. The book will be color. It's already written, so I'm currently working on the illustrations now. All I need it help printing out the final product!


Level 1: 50 RMB - PDF copy of the Book
Level 2: 100- 199 RMB - Printed copy of the Book
Level 3: 200 + RMB - Printed copy signed and dedicated by the author and illustrator, and your name will appear in the book.

Risks and Challenges

There are no risks with this project. The final product is just around the corner. I just need to pull a few of the printing details together. My biggest worry is the quality of the printing job. Once I create 1 book, I can determine if the quality will meet my standards, and make any modifications if necessary.


1. Why do you need help funding this project?
I have no experience in the publishing world, I don't speak Chinese, and my time is very limited. Bertie is a great way for me to get the necessary advice and funding, so that I can see this dream become a reality. Once I do this I think I might take on my own projects once I understand how to navigate the printing world. This is also a way for me to inspire my children and students, and show them that they can make ideas become a reality.
2. Do I have to sign up to pledge?
Yes, that would be the best thing to do. But if you can find me and want to donate, I will take a note of how much you want to pledge and add it to my total pledges.