How it works for schools

  • Workshops
  • Projects
  • Expo
  • Reflect

Workshops —Incorporate workshops into science, technology, language, arts & math curriculum which focus on creativity. Students can develop totally new ideas, generate improvements to things in the real world, applying theory/principles/techniques to unique subject matter, or create original compositions (particularly in the fine arts).

Projects —Turn the ideas generated in workshops into projects on Bertie. Adult advisors or even student clubs can support students, share resources and provide guidance/encouragement as students journey from building their projects through running marketing campaigns.

Expo —Recognize everyone who dared to share. Through half-day or one-day Genius Expos, schools can showcase the ideas of students and their communities (we welcome participation from families, friends, teachers, staff, etc.). Genius Expos can be small (e.g. held in a classroom with tables and exhibits for visitors) and they can be big (e.g. held in a formal exhibition hall/conference center with stalls, multi-media displays, celebrity performances and other spectacles). The most important aspect of our Genius Expos, however, is not the size of the venue or a flashy presentation, but rather, the recognition we give to anyone with a creative idea.

Reflect — Reflecting and articulating the lessons they have learned from their campaigns is a first step toward incorporating these lessons into their own lives. Whether they hit their fundraising targets or not, students gain a pragmatic sense of the real world, earn meaningful recognition and emerge better equipped for employment.

To hold a Genius Expo at your school, contact us.